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1. Introduction

There are two (2) types of stamp auctions conducted at West Toronto Stamp Club: The Regular and the Invitational.

The Regular Auction takes place on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month except July and August.
 The Invitational Auction takes place two times a year:

     The first one (Fall Auction) on the 2nd Tuesday of December
     The second (Spring Auction) on the 4th Tuesday of April. 

2. Participation

Any member of the Club in good standing is invited to submit lots.

3. Lots Description

Items are to be mounted on stiff paper and described on the auction tag as per instructions. Note: If the lot does not meet the instructions conditions it will not be accepted. The auction tags can be downloaded from our website. Those who are not able to access the web, tags are available from the Auction Chair.

4. Submission of Lots

Lots for either the Regular or the Invitational auctions must be hand-delivered on the same evening of the auctions. The maximum acceptable number of lots is 10.

5. Minimum Lot Value

Regular:$5.00 & over (Including Bulk lots in bags & boxes)
Invitational:$20.00 & over (Including Bulk lots in Album)

6. Bidding

Regular: Starting bid the reserve; thereafter, increments of $0.25, or more
Invitational: Starting bid the reserve; thereafter, increments of $0.50, or more.

Sellers are encouraged to protect their lots, with a reserve bid. If the lots are not protected, there is a possibility that they may be sold at a low bid.

7. Commission

The Club will charge 10% on the sale (paid by the seller).
No charge for unsold lot. Unsold lot(s) will be returned to Seller on the same evening.

8. Payment to Seller

The Seller will be paid on the same evening that the auction takes place.

Auction Committee 30 November 2013