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Machin Study Group

Meeting of June, 3, 2014

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Members present: Frank A.; Jim A.; Brian B.; Dan B.; Reay C.; Jim C.; David G.; Don H.; Peter J.; Rhonda K,; John L.; Jorge M.; Garfield P.; Ted S.; Vijay V.; Tom W.

Regrets (still in Halifax): Peter B; Chris E.

David G. welcomed the group and called the meeting to order.

Vijay and Jim C. provided coffee and cookies

Rhonda K. was appointed as the recording secretary for the meeting.

Report from the RPSC Convention in Halifax

   · West Toronto was well represented with 7 members in attendance

   · Frank A. and Garfield P. entered competitive exhibits with Frank earning a silver medal and Garfield a gold medal

   · Peter W. had an exhibit table to demonstrate his Celestron microscope

   · Overall, one of the best shows in many years

David G.’s Machin exhibit was awarded the Drake Trophy at the West Toronto competition in May.

Dan B reports that he is getting ready to extensive Machin work this summer

Jorge continues to soak and sort a holding of several thousands of used Machins.

Jim A. reports that gardening activities were a priority over stamps but he did have enough philatelic time to discover his Machin showing the Queen with a runny nose.

QE Machin QE Machin Rn

Vijay reports that he has completed his collection of 4 P cylinder blocks

Peter J. reports that he has downloaded the Machin pages and has found some of the stamps.

John L. reports that he is in the process of sorting a large accumulation of used Machins.

Frank A. commented on the quality of the two Machin exhibits that were shown at the ROYAL in Halifax.

Jim C. reports that he is now organizing certain values according to the value settings and that he has created a mini collection of Isle of Man “last day of issue”.

Garfield showed a recent discovery, a 12P stamp on which the phosphor bars are present only in the upper half of the stamp. The UV photo was done on the VSC6000 at the Greene Foundation QE Machin UV Photo VSC6000

David G. advises that he has branched out and is working on “the Machin Project” using only used stamps.

Garfield advised that he has had an email from a Wisconsin stamp dealer who is selling a Machin accumulation on behalf of a client. The holding includes some 163,000 stamps, off paper and sorted into glassine envelopes. The Scott catalogue value is in excess of $165,000 (US). It is generally agreed that the selling price will be substantially lower than the catalogue value. Garfield will explore and make an offer on behalf of the group.

Follow up: An offer to purchase the entire lot was made but was not accepted by the vendor. The vendor is now in the process of making an even larger lot by combining this with a huge accumulation of Canadian definitives from the Karsh and Wilding issues.

Vijay remarked that a subscription to the British Philatelic Circle costs only £6 per year and that it is a worthwhile purchase with 6 newsletters and an auction.

David G. presented a short story about the Hong Kong Machins that were in use until 1997.

Vijay offered an incentive for members to participate in the production of the group Machin Study. Any member who submits 5 pages for the study will receive a short wave UV lamp. We thank the Sansford Family Trust for this generous donation.

David G. was the winner of the Drake Trophy in the West Toronto Stamp Club annual competition held in May. His single frame exhibit of machins is a great start to an exciting career of philatelic exhibiting.

A discussion of individual wants for future Machin Group meetings provided an interesting series of discussion topics including:

   · Individual want lists on the web site

   · Individual want lists for distribution in the study group meetings

   · Analysis of the various head types on Machin stamps

   · Analysis and discussion of paper types

   · Analysis and discussion of phosphor band types including phosphor under the ink

   · Discussion of properties and uses of various light sources

   · Presentation of various methods used for home made album pages

   · Presentation on the Hong Kong Machins (Garfield to contact Ingo Nessel)

   · Presentation on Boots Labels (Garfield to contact Stuart Keeley)

   · Suggestion that we hold 2 or 3 auctions (Machin specialized)

   · Dinner for the Machin Study Group

   · Presentation or discussion of Machin stamps with perforated initials

   · Submit a proposal to the WTSC Board for a financial subsidy for a Machin dinner

   · Machin Group meeting at the Greene Foundation (to include participation by a research librarian and the use of the VSC6000 (tentative date – October 2014)

   · Discussion or presentation on how to do research on a philatelic subject

Upcoming Events

Next Meeting will be held September 2, 2014. Program T.B.A.

Thanks to David G. for being the Group Chairman and for developing a great program for the season.

Thanks to Vijay for his generous contribution of gifts, awards and for the continuous supply of refreshments.

Enjoy a safe and happy summer.