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Machin Study Group

Meeting of December 5, 2013

Members present: Frank A.; Brian B.; Peter B.; Dan B.; Reay C.; Jim C.; David G.; Don H.; Peter J.; Rhonda K.; John L.; Jorge M.; Garfield P.; Vijay V.; Peter W.

It was brought to our attention that the report of the meeting of November 5, 2013 was inaccurate in that there was no coffee available for arriving members.  Your reporter apologizes for this error.

Garfield welcomed the group and called the meeting to order.  Rhonda K. took notes as secretary for the evening.  Vijay and Jim C. volunteered to handle refreshments for future meetings. Jim C. showed his new album created using “Album Gen”.  The new album (number 5) takes Jim into the Deegam Level 2

David G. suggested that we create a group project in which we will attempt to prepare a complete collection using Robin Harris’ “intermediate” level album.  It was agreed by all present that this is a worthwhile project and will be done using used stamps only.  Garfield will purchase the album rights from Robin Harris.  The exact mechanics of the assembly of the project will be worked out

We discussed the possibility of entering a frame in the Edmonton Stamp Club exhibition in March 2014.  We will need 15 single pagers plus a title page.  Members who wish to participate are to advise Garfield of the title of their single page (this to avoid duplication).  The entry is non-competitive.  Edmonton advises that there is no need for absolute consistency in format, font, or paper colour.  Garfield recommended that we all use white cover stock available from Staples.

Brian B. apologized for not being able to participate in the Edmonton project as he will be taking a spring trip to England.

Dan B. asked if there was any way that the group could consider bulk purchases of new issues as they are released.  It made sense to extend the idea to cover any Machin material that is wanted by a member.  Want lists can be forwarded to Garfield who will assemble a Group want list upon which action can be taken.  Please submit want lists by the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

Jorge requested that a template be established for future meetings to ensure that there is an opportunity to discuss such things as (1) New releases, (2) Want Lists, (3) Reports on Group Projects, and other recurring items of common interest.  This will be done for the January meeting.

It was recommended by Vijay that members wishing to keep current with new information should visit the blog written by IAN BILLINGS. Vijay will compile a report of new issues on a monthly basis and provide a regular report to the group.
The meeting concluded with a draw for a Santa Clause ornament donated by Rhonda.  David G. drew the ticket with Peter J. being the winner.

Best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season. Next meeting January 7, 2014