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Club News (2011)

22 June 2010 - Recognition of two of our members

The Greater Toronto Area Philatelic Alliance, to which our Club is one of the founding members, provides a Certificate of Merit to an individual of an active club affiliated with GTAPA in recognition of outstanding contribution to their local club.

On the evening of 22 June 2010, President Frank Alusio presented the certificates to Anne Westhouse, the Membership Officer, and Gerry Quidzinski, the past Vice-President.

Anne Westhouse

Anne has been a member of WTSC since 1984 and member of the Board of Directors from 1994-95 as Membership Officer, a position which will be taken over by Doris Lowry. Anne has served our Club with pride and dedication as well as a valuable contributor to the Board of Directors.

Gerry Quidzinski

Gerry joined our Club in 1965. He has served has Vice-President since 1982-83. He has participated in many decision making processes and still provides us with is helping hand in the auctions. Gerry’s position has been taken over by Don Hedger but his role will be the Executive Advisor.

Anne and Gerry,
Thank you so much for helping the Club to be what it is. (FA)

8 June 2010 - Congratulations Dr. Sidney Soanes!

Frank Alusio, FRPSC, President of WTSC and Vice-President of RPSC, acting on behalf of Michael Madesker, RDP FRPSL, FRPSC, President of the RPSC 50-year Member’s Club, presented the Honorary Life Membership Certificate and the 50+year membership Medal, to Dr. Sidney Soanes for being a member of the Society for 50 continuous years.

On Tuesday, 8 June 2010, surrounded by 40+ members of our Club the ceremony took place during the regular meeting held in the Community room of Eatonville Library in Etobicoke, ON. Mrs. Soanes was also in attendance.

Frank conveyed to Dr. Soanes Madesker’s very best wishes as well as those of the RPSC. Dr. Soanes was delighted to receive the medal, certificate and best wishes.

Dr. Soanes joined WTSC in 1962 with membership No. 355 when the Club operated from 182 Lowther Avenue, at the corner of Spadina and Lowther, (One block north of Bloor) the former Timothy Eaton residence.

He started collecting stamps at an early age - about 80 years ago. His father was also a fairly enthusiastic collector and his brother somewhat less so. During most of his school years his father looked after "their" collection. He was never much of an exhibitor, but he did have entries in a few stamp shows, with reasonably good results, especially FIRSTs at TOPEX 1960 and 1963.

His pre-University education ended at Upper Canada College, where he graduated as Head Boy in 1940. He then spent about ten years at the University of Toronto, Mathematics and Physics course, graduating with a BA degree in 1940, MA in 1946, and finally a PhD in 1950.

Next, he spent 25 years working for Ferranti-Packard Electric, doing electronic design. Then, he quit to start his own company, JVA Scientific Consultants Limited, doing principally design of industrial electronics, which he still doing, mostly working for Criterion Instruments Limited, a company his brother founded in 1938. He also has a small publishing company, Queen City Publishing Limited.

His principal extra-curricular activity during most of his life, at least the past 70 years, has been figure skating. Not that he was ever a champion himself (although he received three silver proficiency medals), but he was a judge and referee and executive (of three Clubs), plus a Director of the Canadian Figure Skating Association for several years. He was elected to the Canadian Figure Skating Hall of Fame in 1992.

His philatelic interests have been revived over the past few years. He has re-joined the West Toronto Stamp Club, after an absence of about 30 years.

PS - Normally these presentations take place at the Annual Convention and Exhibition of the RPSC. Michael Madesker, President of the RPSC 50-year Member’s Club, performs the ceremonial. However, since Dr. Soanes could not attend, the presentation was arranged to have it locally at our Club. Because of illness in the family, Madesker sent his regrets for not being at our Club. (FA)

June 8 2010- E. Drake Trophy

Established in 1953, the Drake Trophy was donated by the late President Everett N. Drake for the purpose of promoting stamp exhibiting among the members of WTSC.

The Single-frame (16 standard pages) competition is held annually with the participation of at least 3 members. The entries are evaluated according to established criteria. The audience is given a score sheet on which they will mark the points. The entry receiving the highest points will be declared the winner.

Three members expressed participation in this year (2010) competition. However, one was unable to participate due to a death in the family; hence, there was no competition. Instead, Garfield Portch and Frank Alusio entertained the audience by giving overviews on Traditional, Postal History and Thematic exhibits.(FA)

29 May 2010 - Garfield Portch named "Fellow" of the RPSC

At the 82nd meeting of members of the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada held in Windsor, Ontario, 28-30 May 2010 it was announced that three candidates were invited to sign the Roll of Fellows of the Society. One of these candidates was our own Garfield Portch. The purpose of the Fellowship is to honour individual members of The Royal Philatelic Society of Canada whose work, dedication and contributions promote Canadian philately and who are recognized by their peers. To qualify for "Fellow" status, candidates most meet at least three of the following criteria:

1. Served or serving as an active member of The RPSC Board of Directors or as an Officer of the Society.

2. Served or serves on a Board of Directors or as an Officer of a nationally recognized Society or organization which promotes philately in Canada; performed or performs volunteer tasks at local or national levels to promote the hobby; promotes or promoted youth philately or philately in non-traditional areas. Demonstrates organizational skills required to stage public exhibitions and conventions at all levels.

3. Performs extensive research for publication by the candidate or others: author, editor or publisher of works beneficial to philately.

4. Formed notable collections that meet National and or International standards.

5. Service as a National or International Juror, or represented Canada at international philatelic events.

6. Served or serves international philatelic organizations.

Garfield joined WTSC in 1998 and is one of the building blocks of our successful Club. Knowing his expertise in and dedication to the hobby, I did not hesitate in nominating him for consideration to sign the "Roll of Fellows" of the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada. He joins Frank Alusio and Peter Butler in being the third living member of WTSC with the designation of "Fellow" of the Society. (the only Club?)

CONGRATULATIONS! Garfield, you deserve it.

Frank Alusio, FRPSC

Signing the Roll of Fellows

29 May 2010 - Frank Alusio Garners Silver at Royal 2010

With his first time showing "GOLD AT LAST!" in a national exhibition, Frank brings home a Silver Award. The exhibit also received the American Topical Association Best Single-frame Award.

The Single-frame exhibit tells the saga of the three Olympic Games held in Canada. It begins with the Canada’s cheerless Olympic experience in 1976 in Montreal, Quebec and again in 1988 in Calgary, Alberta; the take over of the Olympic Flag in Turin, Italy in 2006 Winter Games; to the triumphant and awesome success in 2010 in Vancouver and Whistler British Columbia Winter Games; ending with the hand over of the Olympic Flag to Tochi 2014, Russian Federation. It is the only Canadian philatelic exhibit showing an Olympic Game held in Canada.

Victor Skidra Garners Bronze at Royal 2010

Victor presented 2-frame exhibit on Latvian Literature.

CONGRATULATION! Frank and Victor.


In the afternoon of 11 May 2010 the annual Ted Allen Cup competition took place. This is a competition open only to members of the West Toronto Stamp Club. The format is unusual in that there are no rules for shape, size, content or format of the entry. Essentially, competing members bring whatever they wish to show in whatever format they find convenient or comfortable.

Each competitor is invited to speak for up to 3 minutes to describe his / her entry. The winner is decided by secret ballot among members in attendance. This competition has proven to be a lot of fun and provides an opportunity for those who are not regular exhibitors to present their material in a comfortable and pressure free environment.

Five displays, ranging from a Single-page to multi-pages, were entered:

1. The Changing Political Face of the African Continent by Chris Edwards.

2. Latvia Forged Stamps by Victor Skidra

3. Etobicoke Ontario-A Piece of Postal History by Denzil Fernandes

4. Canada’s First Stamp-3c Beaver by Rob Taylor

5. Introduction to Key Type Stamps by Garfield Portch

Using secret ballots, the display by Chris Edwards was voted as the best. Congratulation Chris on your first-time showing.

April 15, 2010 - Elections 2010-2012

At the Board of Directors and regular meeting held on 15 April 2010 the following members were elected or re-elected to the Board of Directors for the biennial 2010-2012:

BOARD of DIRECTORS 2010-2012

President - Frank Alusio

Vice President - Don Hedger

Secretary - Stan Shakespeare

Treasurer - Fred Colbourn

Membership - Doris Lowry

Directors: George MacLean, Kevin Moorhead, Aulis Narhi, Gord Payne, Rob Taylor


Reay Cairns - Auctions Chair

Garfield Portch - Development

Gerry Quidzinski - Executive Advisor